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Sign Bright Chalk Boards, Swingers and Flex Signs

Have you ever thought about a chalk board, swinger or flex sign as a way of advertising? If the answer is no then I think we have found an ideal cost effective solution for you. These signs are the perfect way to add a sense of personality to your business. Depending on you and your business advertising needs then these boards portray certain things for example, a customer likes the personal creative touch, they remember the unusual and will become a regular customer if they feel loved.  

Not only are these signs cost effective, they are also a versatile way to advertise your business and its current deals and promotions. Simply slip out or rub off a previous advertising board and enter or draw a new one for a complete change to the look of your signage.

The Chalk Board – Is a simple but effect way to advertise as it can be easily changed to suit your needs.

The Swinger – Is a flat signs that loosely hang from the frame, this allows for controlled movement attracting attention to the display.

The Flex Sign – If you’re looking for a way to advertise that doesn’t increase your carbon footprint then a Flex Sign is exactly what you need. This eco-friendly sign consists of a printed aluminium panel and a recycled PVC base.

Sign Bright offer a range of Pavement Signs of different sizes, materials and weights that will suit all your business needs. 

Advantages of Pavement Signs

  • They are a non-permanent sign which can be easily altered for your business and promotional needs
  • Attract attention
  • Easily to store
  • Portable
  • Designed unique to your business allowing for extra advertising whilst keeping within your corporate theme.
  • Finally, pavement signs are quick and easy to assemble creating a dynamic way to advertise.

Please visit www.sign-bright.co.uk for added information about all of the products we offer.

Alternately email use on info@sign-bright.co.uk for unique information suited to your needs

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