Ever thought about your business needing a makeover?

Sign Bright Ever thought about your business needing a makeover

Why not start by adding a new modern, elegant Projecting Sign to your shop frontage, then top this off with a matching sign tray, and watch as your business takes flight. It is a proven fact that potential customers with judge your business by the look, feel and professionalism of your shop frontage. Do you want more people to take that leap and enter your business?

Then a makeover is exactly want you need.

Here at Sign Bright we offer a range of materials for your wall mounted Projecting Signs including Flat Cut Lettering, Square and Curved Sign Trays, foam PVC, Aluminium Composite and much, much more. We like to make them as personal to your company as possible, so we pride ourselves on using our expert design thinking to produce a bespoke design catered to suit all your business needs. Alongside your new Protecting Sign why not add a complimenting Sign Tray that shouts out to potential customers what you do as a business whilst keeping a corporate, professional theme. You could even think about adding illumination to the sign through LED’s for that extra wow factor.

We offer free consultancy that allows you to explain what you want your new sign to achieve, this allows our designers to feed of your passionate words about your business allowing us to come up with an equally passionate design. 

Benefits of a Projecting Sign and Matching Sign Tray

  • Entices a customer into your business
  • Promotes and advertises  your business all day, everyday
  • Creates a professional feel to your business
  • Attracts attention to your business
  • Come in a range of different colours, materials and a bespoke design carefully created exactly for you and all your business needs
  • Additional extra of an illumination to your signage for an unforgettable impact on your new customer.

Please visit www.sign-bright.co.uk for added information about all of the products we offer.

Alternately email use on info@sign-bright.co.uk for unique information suited to your needs

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